Somewhere where it’s cool at night so we can zip our sleeping bags together. 😉


Why? “The List of Us.

When I cam up with the idea for “The List of Us” I wasn’t thinking that someone would be following our posts (Molly and Myself) We just decided that since every time we are together doing something we come up with 3 or 4 more things that we would like to do together and that it would be fun to make a list that we could both have access to at anytime to add new ideas. We live about 3 hours away from each other so a paper list was out of the question so “The List of Us” was born.

The main Idea that I thought would be fun is posting ideas to the list as we thought of them and when we actually do something off of the list, to write about the experience.  Pretty simple.

Here’s to a long list, enjoy